Safety, Fairplay & Complaints

At Heyes Grove, we feel that it is important to keep our members safe and for everyone playing tennis to enjoy the experience.  Here are some basic guidelines and information to support this, and to help our members get the most out of playing.

Safeguarding Policies

Heyes Grove Tennis Club is a thriving club and provides a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy playing tennis. We are a British Tennis Registered Venue which means that the Club’s Safeguarding Policies are in line with best practice as recognised by the tennis governing body, the Lawn Tennis Association.

This means Heyes Grove Tennis Club has the following in place :

  • A safeguarding policy that is communicated to everyone at the venue
  • A diversity & inclusion policy that is communicated to everyone at the venue
  • A trained Welfare Officer that oversees safeguarding at the venue. To contact our Welfare Officer please email
  • All appropriate volunteers and staff have undertaken Criminal Records Check
  • Undertakes an annual risk assessment

Heyes Grove Tennis Club is a thriving club and in addition to safeguarding policies, also has :

  • Recording and publishing Images policies
  • The sun safety policy
  • A complaints policy

Fair Play

Fair play in tennis has always been an important value and the LTA and Tennis Foundation are committed to ensuring that the tennis environment is fair, open and inclusive at every level in the sport.

These values apply equally to players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers and cover all tennis activities, whether it is a competition, a friendly hit at a local court or a match you’re watching. Supporting the values are individual Fair Play pledges for each group of people in the sport.


  • Tennis is your sport so enjoy it. 
  • Be a good sport when you win, lose and watch matches.
  • Be a role model, set a good example of the behaviour you expect from others.
  • Let’s create a safe, fun and fair tennis environment.


  • Tennis is a game for everyone.
  • Respect other players, parents and officials.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Call the score and lines loudly and fairly..
  • Learn and follow the fair play rules.

Complaints Procedure

We take any complaints extremely seriously. Please find the Heyes Grove Complaints Policy here.