Team Tennis

In addition to playing socially at the club, we also have a number of teams who play competitively. Over 80 adult members take part in summer and winter tennis, as well as inter-club competitions.

Heyes Grove Tennis Club teams play throughout the year, and in all weather!

We are a member of three tennis Leagues, The North East Cheshire Tennis League (Summer), South West Manchester (Summer) and the East Cheshire Winter League. We play both home and away – teams who are quite local, and on occasion those from further afield in the Cheshire area.

Team tennis is a great way of enjoying competitive play, in a friendly environment and at a level that you are comfortable with. The team captains organise the match schedules and welcome all players. There is no minimum or maximum commitment – so you can play matches that fit in with your schedule and your life. If you are interested in playing for a team, please contact our Head Coach, Gary Brown, in the first instance who can have a chat with you about what it involves

Our current Team Captains can be found on our contacts page